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CDC approves Moderna and J&J boosters, plus mixing shots

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday gave final approval for certain people to receive booster doses of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.

The agency also approved the option of mixing and matching, so people can receive a booster from a different manufacturer than their initial dose.

Those who are eligible for the Moderna booster — including people 65 and older, nursing home residents, and those 50 and up who are at severe risk if they become infected by COVID-19 — and all Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients can sign up for boosters starting Friday. For Moderna, recipients can get a half-dose booster six months after being fully vaccinated, while those who got the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine can get a booster at least two months later.

"These past 20 months have taught us many things, but mostly to have humility," CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said. "We are constantly learning about this virus, growing the evidence base and accumulating more data."

On Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration authorized booster doses of the vaccines, followed by a CDC advisory panel earlier Thursday, leaving Walensky to make the final call on Thursday night.