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Kanye West claims Adidas offered $1 billion buyout from his Yeezy brand

Kanye West — who now goes by the name Ye — claimed in a series of Instagram posts this week that he was "offered a $1 billion buyout from his Yeezy brand's venture with Adidas," according to Business of Fashion. West's claim comes amid the ongoing feud he's had with the company since launching Yeezy back in 2015.

West made several accusations concerning Adidas, including that the company was "releasing products without his participation," BoF reports. He appeared to be alluding to the Adilette Boost Slides, which Adidas released earlier this summer; "while the Yeezy Slide shape is not the most novel, the similarities between it and the Adilette 22 are clear," Complex wrote at the time

"The fact [Adidas] felt they could color my shoes and name them without my approval is really wild," West said this week. "My royalties next year are 500 million dollars alone." West further stressed that no matter what Adidas decides to do with the Yeezy brand, it would cost the company "billions." He also threatened to "legally destroy" Adidas. As West explained, he wants to have something to hand down to his children and "some things are bigger than money."

West may be working on yet another deal in his effort to become the "chief decision maker" of his shoe company, GQ reports, as he's apparently dropped hints of possibly buying family-owned San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS), according to San Antonio Express-News.