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Round Two

Everything you need to know about the Georgia Senate runoff

The race for Georgia's Senate seat is not over just yet, as CNN and NBC News projected Wednesday that the election between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and Republican challenger Herschel Walker will go to a runoff. 

While Warnock is currently winning with 49.2 percent of votes to Walker's 48.7, Georgia requires candidates to garner at least 50 percent of the vote share to carry the seat. As a result, Georgians will head to the polls once again on Dec. 6 to determine the race's final outcome. 

Races across the ballot in Georgia have been watched closely this year, and the winner between Warnock and Walker could prove to be the deciding factor in which party retains control of the Senate. 

Both candidates are expected to deliver remarks sometime Wednesday, officials said. Leaders from both parties additionally told CNN they both "intend to double down on their significant investments in Georgia," especially given what is likely to be extremely high stakes for the Senate. 

This marks the second election cycle in a row that Georgia has seen a race come down to the wire. In 2020, control of the Senate was similarly decided by a runoff won by Warnock, who ousted incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler. This helped secure a blue Senate due to a parallel victory by Sen. Jon Ossoff (D), who, like Warnock, won his seat in yet another runoff. 

With the available paths to Senate control narrowing, the runoff between Warnock and Walker is likely to have similar ramifications.