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Sierra Leone doctors strike over Ebola treatment

A group of junior doctors went on strike in Sierra Leone on Monday, demanding better treatment for medical workers who become infected with Ebola.

The group asked Sierra Leone's government to provide life-saving equipment, including dialysis machines, to treat infected doctors, Jonathan Abass Kamara, a spokesperson for the country's health ministry, told The Associated Press.

Of 11 doctors in Sierra Leone who have become infected with Ebola, 10 of them have died. Sierra Leone's government has said that it will open a special, fully-equipped treatment center for health care workers, but it hasn't happened yet.

The strike comes as the World Health Organization declared Sierra Leone the worst-hit country in the Ebola outbreak, with 7,798 recorded cases. The Ebola outbreak has infected 17,834 people and killed 6,346, according to the WHO.