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Woman arrested for DUI in parking lot at county jail, thought it was a bar

Well, at least she made it easy for the police.

A local woman in Van Buren County, Michigan, was arrested and charged with drunk driving in the very early hours on Sunday, after she accidentally pulled right into the parking lot at the county jail.

Police said the 39-year-old woman pulled into the parking lot of the sheriff's office, located at 205 S. Kalamazoo St., shortly after 2 a.m. Patrol units observed the woman as she began backing up in the parking lot while trying to convince her boyfriend to rejoin her in her vehicle. [Kalamazoo Gazette]

After a deputy approached the woman, and noticed that she behaved and smelled drunk, a breathalyzer test showed her to be at over twice the legal blood alcohol limit (which is .08 percent), the newspaper reports: "The woman later admitted to police that she had just left a bar in town and had thought she was pulling into the parking lot of another bar when she arrived at the sheriff's office."