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Kansas City police jokingly credit Royals' playoff run with decreased crime

The Kansas City Royals are now 2-0 over the Los Angeles Angels in the American League's division series, and the team is drawing support from all areas of the community. SBNation.com noticed that the Kansas City Police department's Twitter account had called on local residents to keep a cap on the crime earlier this week — on-duty officers wanted a chance to listen in as the Royals took on the Oakland Athletics:

Proving that sometimes social media (or a city-wide focus on a team that made it into the playoffs via a wild-card spot) actually works, the department later noted that their plea seemed to have been heard:

The lesson here: Sports (may) decrease crime. Except in the case of this Angels fan, who was not pleased with Friday night's outcome — or his Royals-cheering friend. --Sarah Eberspacher