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The Newsroom's final season will tackle the Boston Marathon bombing

HBO has released the trailer for its third and final season of The Newsroom, which will grapple with the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Creator Aaron Sorkin had previously stated that the series will address the bombing, but the trailer also reveals the season will include a plot about a leak of government documents, a la WikiLeaks.

At the Tribeca Film Festival in April, Sorkin apologized for inadvertently skewering journalists in the show. "I think you and I got off on the wrong foot with The Newsroom, and I apologize, and I'd like to start over," Sorkin told a panel audience at the festival. "I did not set the show in the recent past in order to show the pros how it should have been done. That was and remains the furthest thing from my mind." Sorkin added that he set the show in the past because he "didn't want to make up fake news."

We'll see how audiences respond when the new season begins on Nov. 9. But with the line "Social media's gonna solve this crime!" in references to the bombings, you might not want to set the bar too high. --Meghan DeMaria