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The Brad Pitt of the Republican Party is just a guy with long hair

Politico has a profile this morning of congressional candidate Stewart Mills of Minnesota, who apparently has been "anointed the Brad Pitt of the Republican Party." How did Mills come by this coveted title? It all comes down to the hair, which bears a passing resemblance to Pitt's flowing locks circa 1994's Legends of the Fall:

"Certainly, I stand out in a crowd, like I did today," Mills said in an interview after appearing with other, more traditionally coiffed Republicans vying for state office here. "The hair — I mean, everybody else there was very groomed." His latest ad opens with Mills saying, with a shrug, "I guess I don’t look like a typical politician." [Politico]

According to Politico, the GOP hopes that this wild and crazy guy can help it "shed its image as the party of stodgy white men." Mills has reportedly "been spotted wearing a bandana" and "chugging beer," but in what appears to be an attempt to temper his bad-boy image with a sensitive streak, he is also known as "a good listener."

To incumbent Rep. Rick Nolan (D), the message is clear: Hide your wife. Hide your kids.