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Coming soon: Sharknado merchandise to fit your Sharknado lifestyle

When does an internet meme jump the shark? Look no further than Syfy's ongoing efforts to build a franchise on the back of Sharknado, the low-budget sensation about a tornado/shark attack that blew up on Twitter last year. A sequel, titled Sharknado: The Second One is set to premiere in July, and a third movie is already in the works.

But wait — there's more! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Syfy has also teamed with "45 worldwide merchandising partners" who will produce Sharknado-themed "jewelry, Halloween costumes, towels, backpacks, swim trunks, mobile accessories, shot glasses and, soon, slot machines," along with a wide variety of other Sharknado products.

"It's by far the most popular merchandise I have ever licensed for Syfy," says Syfy Ventures' Jeff Li. "Nothing comes close. The scary thing is, it's just getting started" — an idea even that's scarier than, say, a tornado full of sharks.