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Real Dave Chappelle describes the hilariously bizarre Twitter fight started by a fake Dave Chappelle

Turns out, even comedians are not safe from the internet's catfish schemes.

Dave Chappelle appeared on Friday's episode of The Tonight Show, and he told Jimmy Fallon about the time a fake Dave Chappelle stirred up trouble for the actual comedian on Twitter. As Chappelle tried to create his own Twitter account, he realized that one with his name and image already existed. Naturally, Chappelle began following the fake account.

"It turned out, Jimmy, the guy was like, hilarious," Chappelle explains. "I was like, this guy's funny…and then, like a week or two into it, he just turns evil! And he starts tweeting all this stuff to comedians I work with, and starts a whole Twitter beef with this guy (comedian) Katt Williams."

How did the beef with Williams end? Watch the exchange starting at 1:25 for the hilarious twist. --Sarah Eberspacher