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Cantor's Swan Song

Cantor announces resignation as GOP Leader, endorses Kevin McCarthy

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) officially announced today that he is resigning his leadership post following his stunning defeat last night in the Republican primary. Cantor lost his House seat to a Tea Party-backed challenger running further to his right.

"While I intend to serve out my term as a member of Congress from the 7th District of Virginia, effective July 31st I will be stepping down as Majority Leader," Cantor said. "It is with great humility that I do so, knowing the tremendous honor it has been to hold this position."

During the Q&A with reporters, Cantor openly endorsed Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who as the current House Majority Whip is next in line of the GOP leadership.

"Well, I don't know who it is that will actually be running," Cantor said. "I can tell you that if my dear friend and colleague Kevin McCarthy does decide to run, I think he'd make an outstanding Majority leader, and I will be backing him with my full support."

Cantor also called for more constructive work between different kinds of people in Congress — likening it to his own marriage to his wife, who is in fact a lifelong Democrat.

"I've talked about my wife and I, almost married now 25 years. And believe me, we don't agree on everything. And we have managed to raise our family, have a wonderful marriage," said Cantor. "She has stood behind me throughout this public office stuff, and been a strong advocate for me, and not always believing in everything I believe in. But we have managed to raise our family and do well. I don't think that's too unlike life, I don't think it's too unlike the legislative arena, and I think more of that could probably be helpful."