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2 police officers, 3 others killed during shooting spree in Las Vegas

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

An ambush that began in a Las Vegas pizzeria and continued at a Walmart on Sunday has left five people dead, authorities say, including two police officers and two suspects.

The slain policemen, identified as Officer Alyn Beck, 42, and Officer Igor Soldo, 32, were eating at a Cici's Pizza when a man and a woman shot them. Witnesses told police that one of the shooters announced, "This is the start of a revolution," NBC News reports. The suspects then stripped the officers of their weapons and ammunition and went to a Walmart across the street, where they shot and killed a civilian.

When the police arrived at the store, they exchanged gunfire with the suspects, who went deeper into the Walmart. Officials said they heard more gunshots as the shooters apparently killed themselves in "some kind of suicide pact." The suspects have not been identified, and police do not have a motive, saying that the investigation is still in its very early stages.