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San Francisco explosives suspect who sparked FBI manhunt arrested


The San Francisco media consultant who sparked a nationwide manhunt for allegedly having explosives in his apartment turned up not too far away from where he lived. Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II was arrested at a public park near the Golden Gate Bridge Monday evening, ending a three-day search.

The dramatic capture was caught on camera by Morgan Manos, an Uber driver who was taking a break at the park. When he noticed the arrest, he whipped out his phone and started recording. "He was asking for help. He saw that I was recording him and said 'Help me,'" Manos told KPIX-TV. (You can watch the arrest unfold on their website.)

Chamberlain reportedly posted an online manifesto detailing his struggles with depression and other troubles, including a period of economic hardship shortly before he disappeared. And during the manhunt, he posted updates on Twitter denying that he was "armed and dangerous," as the FBI had described him.

It still remains unclear why Chamberlain was being investigated in the first place.