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The Daily Show mockingly tallies the score in the War on (Occupy) Wall Street

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart has raged against the paucity of Wall Street bankers serving time for tanking the economy in 2008, but on Tuesday night's Daily Show he did find one top banker in lockup. But what about the "real perpetrators of financial district wrongdoing"? Stewart asked sardonically, as way of introducing the recent arrest of Occupy Wall Street protester Cecily McMillan. That makes the score Wall Street 1, Occupy Wall Street 1, Stewart said. And this is when the fun started.

Stewart's jokes about Occupy Wall Street are great, and Samantha Bee has some great lines about the poor Wall Street elites still suffering from PTID (post-traumatic inconvenience disorder). And by her count, the 1-1 score isn't a good measure of how the 1 percenters are faring against the 99 percent: "By my count, that puts us 98 convicted hippies away from true justice." --Peter Weber