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Girl convinces mall to do something about slow walkers


Chloe Nash-Lowe has had it up to here with window shoppers getting in her way.

The 10-year-old from Sheffield, England, decided to use a school assignment to improve her local mall, the Meadowhall Shopping Centre, where she thought people walked at a snail's pace. She was told to write a formal letter to a public figure or company, the Today show reports, and she held nothing back. "I am incredibly disappointed by people walking around your shopping center — it annoys me so bad I want to scream," Nash-Lowe wrote. "Will you ever tell people not to walk so slow? If you do this for me I will be delighted — please do it."

The mall's manager listened, and created a highway-inspired "fast lane" and "slow lane" on the floor of the shopping center. It's up to shoppers to decide whether the lanes become permanent; a vote is being held on the Meadowhall Facebook page.