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Don't forget the silent air conditioner

The World Cup teams have some pretty weird requests on their riders

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

You think you've heard it all in the world of bizarre rider demands: Imported and re-cut Versace towels, bun-less McDonald's cheeseburgers, new toilet seats — celebrities are weird.

Turns out, athletes are not immune to making outlandish demands alongside more typical requirements (think Gatorade and normal, non-recut towels), either. The World Cup teams descending on Brazil this summer turned in riders, which Brazilian newspaper Lance published. Some highlights, courtesy of SBNation:

Iran: Free dry-cleaning.

Ecuador: A basket full of bananas placed in each room daily. Also, a "welcome barbecue."

Japan: A Jacuzzi tub for each room.

Portugal: Six bodyguards total, but four of them are meant specifically for Ronaldo's safety.

Switzerland: A beach studio.

What's the one thing most of the teams can agree on, though? They need video games, lots of video games, of course.