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Glenn Beck regrets giving Mitt Romney a 'rare and expensive' gift


When he's not freezing President Obama in carbonite or warning of the impending socialist takeover, Glenn Beck is waiting for Mitt Romney to thank him for the generous gift he gave him during the 2012 election season.

On his radio show Monday, Beck said he "never regretted giving anybody anything more than I regretted my gift to Mitt Romney." The gift in question: A first-edition copy of George Washington's 1796 farewell address.

"They're really rare and expensive," Beck said, "and I never even got a thank you note."

"Pisses me off to this day," he added.

To be fair, Beck said he gave the book to one of Romney's sons, so it's possible the "From: Glenn Beck" message never got through to the presidential candidate. Still, it's not like Beck gifted one of his apocalypse survival kits. You'd think a unique gift like the one he did give would at least merit a boilerplate Hallmark thank you card.