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Samsung approved its snarky anti-Apple ads two days after Steve Jobs' death

YouTube/The Verge

Apple Insider dug up an interesting piece in the ongoing patent infringement lawsuit that's happening between Apple and Samsung. According to court documents, Samsung approved a snarky Apple attack ad, which poked fun at its customers for waiting in long lines to buy the new iPhone, just two days after Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs died.

Samsung was worried that Jobs' death in 2011 would overshadow its impending launch of the Galaxy S II. So, it reneged on its stance of not publicly attacking Apple to run that now-infamous anti-iPhone ad campaign. Emails between Samsung Vice President of U.S. Sales Mike Pennington and its American group CEO Dale Sohn show the pair eager to capitalize on Jobs' death.

"We need to take advantage of this chance," wrote Sohn to Pennington. He replied, "I know this is our best opportunity to attack iPhone."