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Joe Biden's old Cadillac is for sale on Craigslist for $15,000


Affable gaffe machine and Vice President Joe Biden is just a regular dude. He poses for photo ops while giving back rubs to bikers, and can charm a room of lawmakers like a septuagenarian Fonz. And until he became VP, Biden owned a slick Cadillac STS.

The car was passed on to new ownership when Biden headed to the White House, and now it's primed to change hands yet again. As the Delaware News Journal notes, Biden's old whip, which he owned from 2005-2008, is posted on Craigslist. The owner, Jeff Finkle, tells the News Journal he only recently discovered the car's famous former driver after noticing the Bluetooth still had Biden's contacts stored in it. The local Cadillac dealership later confirmed the prior owner.

So how much of a premium does Biden add to the car? Finkle's listing price is $15,000, though according to Kelly Blue Book, a car in similar condition with the same mileage would be expected to go for closer to $8,000. And that's without the purchase including a complimentary pair of Biden's sunglasses.

Still, if you're fascinated by Biden or want to know what it feels like to sit where a VP once sat, the car is a steal. One can only imagine how much more expensive the Trans Am owned by The Onion's version of Biden would go for.