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FXX is planning a 12-day Simpsons marathon

Facebook/The Simpsons

Best. News. Ever. In what FX Network president Jon Landgraf is calling "the longest continuous marathon in the history of television," FXX will kick off The Simpsons' long-awaited arrival on cable by airing all 522 syndicated episodes in a row — a feat that will take no less than than 12 days to complete. (Make sure to pick up a few cases of Duff in advance.)

If you don't have enough vacation time to spend 12 consecutive days devouring every episode of The Simpsons, don't worry; within the next few weeks, FXX is also expected to debut a dedicated app that will allow subscribers to stream any Simpsons episode on demand. Obsessively binge-watching The Simpsons: The cause of (and solution to) all life's problems.