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The Onion's pitch-perfect marijuana study newscast gets inside your head

The Onion/YouTube

Marijuana is respectable enough now that the premise of this newscast from the Onion News NetworkThe Onion's video news unit — is eminently plausible: The anchor and an expert are discussing a new medical study on the effects of pot. But of course this is The Onion. The segment's title gives you a pretty good sense of the joke: "New Marijuana Study Says Everyone Knows You're High And You'll Likely Be Stoned Forever."

The video stands up well on its own, but if you have 12 minutes (and you're not having a bad trip), Gawker has rounded up several of The Onion's follow-up newscasts in one video. Think of them as increasingly trippy variations on a theme, or as a really extended version of a good joke. Here's the original report. --Peter Weber