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Ford takes a nice shot at Cadillac with a new ad selling the value of good work


It's the battle of the car commercials! In February, Cadillac released a TV ad, "Poolside," which featured actor Neal McDonough glorifying the work-24/7-so-you-can-buy-stuff-you-don't-need mentality while acting condescending toward people who "take August off." In response, Ford just released "Upside: Anything is Possible," a counterpoint extolling the virtues of "giving a damn."

The Ford commercial stars Pashon Murray, the founder of a sustainable agriculture company called Detroit Dirt. We learn through the minute-long spot that she's not afraid of a little compost heap or some manure, and that it's entirely possible to work hard in order to better the world, not just so you can afford tchotchkes.

The biggest news out of all of this is that by releasing these provocative commercials, people are actually talking about electric cars. It's your move, Tesla. --Catherine Garcia

Here's Cadillac's "Poolside"

And Ford's feel-good rebuttal: