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Photos: As violence rages on, thousands of Muslims are still trapped in Central African Republic

AP Photo/Jerome Delay

Violence first erupted in December when a group of Muslim rebels, known as Seleka, overthrew the Central African Republic's government. But, as Krista Larson reports for The Associated Press, the bloodshed didn't end when Seleka was forced from power only a month later. Christian civilians, who had been brutalized under the regime, then turned on their Muslim neighbors.

Larson details a country in which nearly 300,000 people have already fled the violence. Yet thousands more, especially in Muslim communities, are trapped in their small neighborhoods, with no way of crossing dangerous areas to escape the war zones.

Read Larson's whole story over at The Associated Press — it's worth your time.

And see the images below, a reminder that for some, fleeing is not even an option. --Sarah Eberspacher