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Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping traded jokes about Michelle Obama

Feng Li/Getty Images

President Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, had a side meeting before a nuclear summit in the Netherlands on Monday. The two leaders discussed a number of serious issues, including how to best resolve maritime disputes, Russia's actions in Ukraine, new allegations that the U.S. spied on Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei, and the many ways China and the U.S. are ramping up cooperation. Obama and Xi also traded quips about First Lady Michelle Obama, who is currently touring China.

Obama thanked Xi for hosting his wife and daughters, then noted that the first lady "played some table tennis, although I think this was not the high level ping-pong diplomacy that we saw in the past." Xi responded that he had a message from Michelle: "She asked me to formally convey to you her best regards," he said, to laughter in the room.

Maybe something was lost in translation? The worst Obama-related gag of the trip, though, has to belong to Belgian newspaper De Morgan, which thought it would be funny to run with these images. --Peter Weber