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President Obama and Dick Vitale picked the same Final Four teams


As he's done every year since heading to the White House, President Obama on Tuesday revealed his March Madness bracket in a segment for ESPN. This year, the Bracketologist-in-Chief picked top overall seed Florida, No. 1 seed Arizona, and fellow No. 4 seeds Louisville and Michigan State to make the Final Four. As for the title game, he took the Spartans over reigning champ Louisville.

"These are not imaginative picks," Obama said. "But I think they're the right ones."

He's right: They're not very imaginative. His picks closely mirror those of every ESPN hoops expert, and they're identical to the picks of colorful college basketball analyst Dick Vitale. As for whether they're the right picks, Obama's bracket last year did place him in the 74.4th percentile out of the 8.15 million brackets submitted to ESPN's tournament. Which is to say, if you haven't made your selections yet, maybe take a peek at the president's picks for some inspiration.