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Get ready for another Bush run at the White House

Andy Jacobson/Getty Images

Jeb Bush, that is. There's long been speculation that Bush would follow in his father's and brother's footsteps and launch a presidential campaign, though the former Florida governor declined to do so in 2012 despite strong interest from establishment GOPers. Bush may not sit out the next contest though, as a few people close to him tell Reuters that "now more than ever, there are signs he might look past several potential hurdles... and seriously consider stepping into the fray." One strategist adds that Bush has been speaking with a small "inner circle" of late to debate the pros and cons of running for president.

That Bush would at least be considering a 2016 campaign is no surprise. As Damon Linker wrote last month in arguing that Bush already had the nomination sewn up, Bush would have all the money and connections necessary to be competitive, not to mention a prominent family name to back him up, too.

But here's the rub: The Bush name could be as much of a burden as a boon. A Washington Post/ABC News survey earlier this month found that almost half of all voters say they "definitely would not" vote for him.