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Watch the moms of Jennifer Lopez, Adam Levine, and Jonah Hill nag you to enroll in ObamaCare


With the March 31 deadline approaching to apply for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, the president is pulling out the big guns: moms. In a new video titled #YourMomCares, the mothers of celebrities Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, and Jonah Hill (to name a few) lovingly nag viewers to sign up for ObamaCare because they care.

"Trust me: Us moms put up with a lot. But one thing we should never have to put up with is our kid not having health care," said Hill's mom, who described a monster of a child. "Please just do this one thing and sign up for health care."

At the end, mom-in-chief Michelle Obama pleads, "We nag you because we love you."

The video comes just a few days after President Obama appeared on Between Two Ferns to get young people to enroll in ObamaCare. According to recently released figures, only 25 percent of those eligible between 18 and 34 years old have done so. Millions of young and relatively healthy members are needed to offset the prices of older and less healthy Americans to make ObamaCare work. -- Jordan Valinsky