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Watch The Daily Show skewer Fox News over its food stamp obsession

Comedy Central

Maybe Jon Stewart is getting under Fox News' skin? Last week the Daily Show host skewered Fox News personalities for not only exaggerating the scope (and definition) of food-stamp fraud but also for fixating on what poor people choose to spend their food stamps on — especially, oddly, seafood. Eric Bolling, at Fox News' The Five, was so miffed that he decided to "school" Stewart on the subject — and mostly proved the self-defeating futility of criticizing Jon Stewart on Fox News (unless, perhaps, your name is Bill O'Reilly).

On Thursday night's Daily Show, Stewart not only re-upped his mockery of conservatives' unbalanced, poor-shaming focus on food stamp abuse, but also added a new critique about how Fox News hosts like Bolling are perfectly fine with the more costly system-gaming by large corporations. If that sounds like dreary TV on The Daily Show's part, it's not. It is a textbook example of Jon Stewart mixing comedy, video collage, and sharp social advocacy. His final line is Stewart at his devastating, scathing best. --Peter Weber