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Kiev-bound flights from Crimea are now departing from the international terminal

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

If there was still any question as to whether Russia is in total control of Crimea, Andrew Higgins reports for The New York Times that planes headed for Kiev no longer even depart from the domestic terminal.

Higgins' article also serves as an excellent history lesson on Crimea in general and conflicted city Sevastopol in particular. He found residents divided over whether to return to their Russian roots through a March 16 referendum, or remain loyal to Ukraine:

Victoria Krupko: "We're returning home. We've waited a long time for this."

Viktor Negarov: "In reality, Sevastopol is a city of losers. People here don't like to hear this, but that is the reality of our history … I don't know how to fix this. Nearly everyone has been brainwashed." [The New York Times]

Read Higgins' entire story here.