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The Rich Are Different

There's a bathroom line at the Oscars, too


Celebrities: They don't have to deal with any of our day-to-day nuisances. Except, apparently, they sometimes do (insert tiny violin here). Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar date this year was her real-life civilian BFF Laura Simpson, who wrote a rather fascinating recap of the event for Myspace. Among the interesting tidbits of behind-the-scenes intel is this:

I decide to use the restroom before I sit. Jessica Biel holds the door open for me and compliments my dress — no human being should be allowed to have her face and body. I get inside and Margot Robbie from Wolf of Wall Street shows me her Kardashian-sized diamond ring in line for the toilet and says, 'I feel like a guy with a gun should be following me — I could be halfway to Mexico with this by now.' [Myspace]

Stars: They're just like us. Except their bathroom-line chatter is a bit... fancier.

Among other things we learn from the story: Non-famous people on the red carpet are treated like crap (surprise), Westboro Baptists picket the entrance to the event, and Brad Pitt naturally smells amazing. Read the story in full here.