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Clean-living Christians have an ObamaCare loophole


If you don't have health insurance from your employer or other sponsor, the Affordable Care Act requires you to buy coverage by the end of March or pay a fine... unless you join a quasi-insurance network run by Christian ministries with names like Medi-Share. Membership in these faith-based networks has been growing rapidly as the ObamaCare individual mandate deadline approaches, says Fox News' Garrett Tenney. He goes on to explain:

The nation's three largest ministries boast more than 242,000 members, spanning all 50 states, who agree to live so-called biblical lifestyles — meaning regular church attendance; no drugs, tobacco, or sex outside of marriage; and limited alcohol consumption. This kind of healthier lifestyle helps keep monthly premiums lower than that of other health insurers for most members... Each of the ministries varies a bit in what they will and won't cover, but all are exempt from the Affordable Care Act's fines on those without health insurance. [Fox News]

The "won't cover" part is important, though. Some members of these co-ops appreciate that their plans don't cover abortion and other procedures they oppose on moral grounds, but it's also important to note that the sharing networks don't guarantee that they will pay your medical bills.