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Toronto's Rob Ford continues to disprove stereotypes about Canada on Jimmy Kimmel Live


It's time for Rob Ford to head back to Canada, because he needs some ice for that burn. The Toronto mayor — who at this point could dress up as a Mountie and rob a Tim Horton's with fellow Canadian-behaving-badly Justin Bieber and no one would be surprised — appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night, where the late-night host used beyond-embarrassing pictures to compare him to L.A.'s genial (and photogenic) mayor, Eric Garcetti. "Can you talk to him?" Kimmel pleaded to Ford. "Because enough already." To add insult to injury, throughout the whole show Ford was redder than a maple leaf and sweating so much that Kimmel kept offering to wipe him down. He seemed to take it all in stride, though; after the show, Ford told the Toronto Sun that "there were some tough questions but it was fun. I had a blast." --Catherine Garcia