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Stifle your applause: Lady Gaga banned from playing on the Doritos Stage at SXSW

Raymond Hall/Getty Images

Throw away your Doritos-coated meat dress, because Lady Gaga isn't going to be performing at the Doritos Stage at this year's South by Southwest. Due to safety concerns, the city of Austin denied a permit that would have let the Artpop empress sing inside a giant vending machine. Apparently, officials were nervous that her army of "little monsters" would overwhelm the parking lot-turned-event venue and create a dangerous situation.

Don Pitts, an official from the city's music and entertainment division, told Austin 360 that it's not all discouraging news for her fans that were looking forward toward a SXSW performance. "We informed the applicant that we would support relocation to an established venue with the necessary permanent infrastructure," he said. Last year, the Doritos stage hosted Ice Cube and L.L. Cool J.