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For those who have everything

For those who have everything: A one-wheel Segway alternative

A one-wheel alternative to the Segway — and more in our collection of bizarrely elite consumer products

The all-new Ryno ($5,295) "looks like it got beamed down from the year 2114," said Robert Sorokanich at Gizmodo. Created by a self-taught engineer, this "astoundingly sure-footed" personal transporter improves on the Segway mostly by being less "conspicuously nerdy." As on a Segway, the rider's weight shifts largely control speed, steering, and braking, but the Ryno is a smaller contraption that puts the operator closer to eye level with pedestrians. Top speed is 10 mph, and "once your brain adapts" to the fact the Ryno is not a motorcycle, operation is "completely intuitive." The first models will ship in April.