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For those who have everything

For those who have everything: Brush. Rinse. Repeat.

A clever toothbrush that doubles as a rinse-ready water fountain — and more in our collection of bizarrely elite consumer products

Brush. Rinse. Repeat.

The Rinser Toothbrush ($35) "features a simple tweak that offers a huge and convenient benefit." When held under a running faucet, this brush directs the tap water in "a fountain-like spurt" that makes it easier to rinse out your mouth. That means no more drinking glasses that never make it to the dishwasher, no more wasteful disposable cups, and, best of all, no more jamming your head under the faucet like an animal. The Rinser is made with a disposable snap-in bristle head, so it's good for a lifetime. You may never need another toothbrush handle. Source: TrendHunter.com