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MTA spent $76,707 on 'manspreading' campaign

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is $34.4 billion in debt, but it somehow managed to scrape up more than $75,000 to fund an advertising campaign in New York City aimed at instructing male subway riders to keeps their legs together while sitting.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that the MTA "hired Edison Lithograph and Printing Corp. to print thousands of posters and placards, which will appear in 2,600 subway cars" to the tune of $76,707 taxpayer dollars. "Dude... Stop the Spread, Please" is the theme of the man-spreading campaign:

In a press release, the MTA announced that the new program "highlights behaviors that are both encouraged and discouraged for the benefit of everyone," and that "the messaging largely reflects complaints and suggestions from riders."

Other MTA-funded ads promoting good etiquette will discourage people from "primping" on public transportation, blocking doors, and using safety poles for performance purposes.