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Poll finds 2/3 of Republicans put Israel's interests over America's

A Bloomberg Politics poll released Wednesday found that Israel has become a polarizing subject in American politics — no surprise there, given the Obama administration's high-profile disagreement over Iran with the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu is more popular among Republicans, Obama among Democrats and independents:

The surprising finding has to do with America's core interests. When asked to choose between the following two statements — "Israel is an important ally, the only democracy in the region, and we should support it even if our interests diverge" and "Israel is an ally but we should pursue America's interests when we disagree with them" — Republicans chose the "even if our interests diverge" option by a 67 percent to 30 percent margin, versus 64 percent of Democrats who said the U.S. should pursue its own interests.

Self-identified born-again Christians and conservatives were a lot more likely than moderates and the religiously unaffiliated to back Israel regardless of U.S. interests. The survey was conducted by Iowa pollster J. Ann Selzer April 6-8, and has a margin of error of ±3.1 percentage points. You can read the numbers and methodology here.