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All the bigwig Clinton Foundation donors that also lobbied the Clinton State Department

The last month has seen considerable attention given to foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation as possible evidence of corruption in the State Department under Hillary Clinton's direction. However, an investigation from the Washington Examiner finds that paired Clinton Foundation donations and State Department lobbying were common among Fortune 100 companies as well:

While exactly half of the [Fortune 100] corporations appeared to have lobbied the State Department between 2009 and 2012, according to lobbying disclosures from the Center for Responsive Politics, foundation records show 55 of the firms donated to the charity.

Roughly 65 percent of foundation donors among the Fortune 100 also spent money on lobbying the State Department. [...] Just 14 of the 45 companies that did not give to the charity lobbied the agency during that same time. [Washington Examiner]

The companies that both donated and lobbied are a who's who of big business:


(Washington Examiner)

As the Examiner report concludes, this pattern suggests that major corporations might have viewed the Clinton Foundation as a viable backchannel to favorable lobbying outcomes.