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Hillary Clinton's campaign staffers encouraged to take discount buses between New York and Washington

A new report from The Washington Post suggests that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is saving as much money as possible ahead of the 2016 election.

Clinton's campaign staffers are apparently required to take the discount Vamoose bus, which costs $30, to travel between New York and Washington. Even John Podesta, the campaign chair, took the bus last week. "The expectation is that if you're going to D.C., you're supposed to take the bus," press secretary Brian Fallon told the Post.

Bus travel isn't the only way the Clinton campaign is pinching pennies, either — staffers aren't issued cellphones to use at work and are relying on their own devices.

For the campaign staffers' part, they seem to be taking the bus mandate in stride. Clinton's Brooklyn campaign headquarters feature a hand-drawn "honor roll" of staff members who have taken the bus for campaign business:

The Post notes that Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign "wasted motion and money," and the 2016 Clinton campaign wants to distance itself from frivolous spending. Clinton's 2016 campaign wants to preserve her image as a "warrior for the middle class," the Post explains — and that extends to the campaign's philosophy for its own staff members.