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We're sensing some sarcasm...

The Clinton campaign is turning its snark up to 11 in Hillary's feud with the press

It's no secret that Hillary Clinton has a bristly relationship with the press. (Clinton aides roping reporters down a parade route in New Hampshire surely didn't help matters.) But communications director Jennifer Palmieri is taking the campaign's rather obvious disdain for the press to a new level in a highly sarcastic post about what Team Clinton perceives as unfairly negative coverage of Hillary's campaign.

In a Medium post headlined "Hillary Clinton's No Good, (Record-Breaking, Poll-Winning), Very Bad Week," Palmieri begins straightforwardly enough: "If you believe the mood and headlines from some of the press, it's been a pretty rough week for Hillary Clinton." Then comes the snark:

One poll showed so much trouble for Hillary that she only had a higher favorability number than any other candidate it tested.

Even worse, multiple polls released this week show that she leads every candidate running in head-to-head matchups. While it is widely known that the growing Hispanic electorate is critical in deciding the election, new polling shows that Hillary Clinton has a disastrous 68 percent approval rating among Hispanic voters and only leads her closest Republican competition (Bush) by 37 points, 64 percent to 27 percent. [Medium]

The kicker: "It's true. Hillary is left in the terrible position of having the most resources of any candidate and being voters' top choice to be the next president of the United States."

Read the whole thing at Medium.