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Donald Trump pledges to build a 'big beautiful door' in the wall he plans to build on the Mexican border

At the prime-time Republican presidential debate, the Fox News moderators seem to have it out for Donald Trump. The first question targeted Trump's threat to run as a third-party candidate. The next brought up some rather unsavory things Trump has said about women. And the third, presented by moderator Chris Wallace, demanded that Trump present evidence for his previous claim that immigrants coming from Mexico are responsible for major crimes like rape.

Trump, to his credit (?), stuck to his guns, arguing that criminals are pouring over the Mexican border and that "stupid" U.S. leaders are allowing it to happen. He also stuck to his pledge to build a thousand-mile-long wall on the border that would stretch from coast to coast.

But as a consolation, which we suppose counts as a new policy proposal, Trump said he would build a "big beautiful door" in the wall to let in legal immigrants.