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A reporter asked Bernie Sanders about being a 'career politician.' His reply: A disdainful laugh.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) doesn't seem worried about making friends with the media. In an article in The New York Times, Sanders' combative side comes out when he mocks a reporter for calling him a "career politician," a phrase that is often used as a slur in political vernacular:

When a gaggle of reporters — "corporate media" in Sanders parlance — mentioned Mrs. Clinton here, he snarled, "That's the sport you guys like," meaning their focus on the kind of political questions he disdains. When asked to reconcile his anti-establishment status with being a "career politician," Mr. Sanders, who except for two years has held political office continually since 1981, glared at the young reporter who asked the question.

"Career politician?" he said to her with a disdainful laugh. "Other questions." [The New York Times]

In an interview published in the Times last Monday, Sanders snapped at another reporter, asking her if she had "any serious questions" after she asked about Hillary Clinton's hair. The mainstream media has likewise been criticized for its allegedly biased reporting of Sanders' campaign, and it looks like neither side is looking to make nice anytime soon.