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Trump's tirade

Trump squeezes in 33 insults about the Bush family in a 35-minute interview

Donald Trump might have just set a record for the most insults packed into a half-hour interview. Unsurprisingly, The Donald didn't hold back when telling The Washington Post his thoughts on the Bushes — all three generations of them — in a recent 35-minute interview in which he "found 33 ways to skewer the family — about one put-down per minute," The Post tallied.

On Jeb Bush: "I mean, this guy. I don't think he has a clue."

On George H.W. Bush: "I really liked the father — really like him as a person. But I hated his 'read my lips, no more taxes,' and then he raised taxes monstrously."

On George W. Bush: "He didn't seem smart. I'd watch him in interviews and I'd look at people and ask, 'Do you think he understands the question?'"

And back to Jeb: "He's not up to snuff. . . . Jeb is never going to bring us to the promised land. He can't." [The Washington Post]

Trump's beef with the Bushes reportedly dates back to the late 1980s when George H.W. Bush was president and Trump was turning his father's "outer borough real-estate portfolio into a gold-plated empire" — but, The Post notes, "Trump reserves particular, personal ire for Jeb Bush." As 2016 heats up, The Post predicts that the decades in the making face-off between Trump and the Bushes will too, saying the race will be "merely a manifestation of decades of discord."