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A far cry from first

Jim Webb dropped out with just $317,000 in the bank. Hillary Clinton has $25.7 million.

Based on fundraising numbers alone, it's clear that former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb didn't stand a chance at toppling Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination. When Webb announced Tuesday that he would be dropping his presidential bid, Politico reports that he had an estimated $317,000 on hand — a sum that Clinton trounces by 80 times over, with her on-hand cash totaling a whopping $25.7 million.

And it wasn't just the front-running Democrat that Webb lagged behind in fundraising. Even Harvard professor and long-shot candidate Lawrence Lessig — who didn't register high enough in national polls to qualify for the first debate — has more cash on hand than Webb. Lessig has raised over a $1 million, about 1.5 times Webb's total.

In fact, the only Democratic candidate that Webb topped in terms of fundraising is Lincoln Chafee, who has only raised $15,400 and has just $284,526 on hand.