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All the times President Obama has addressed a mass shooting, in one video

Business Insider video showing moments from every address President Obama has given following a mass shooting.

By most definitions, there have been hundreds of mass shootings since Barack Obama became president in 2009. In the nearly seven years he's been in office, Obama has personally addressed at least a dozen of the most horrific incidents across the country, including the Fort Hood shooting in 2009 that left 13 dead, the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting of 12, the Newtown school shooting of 20 children and six adults, and, most recently, the San Bernardino killings that have claimed 14 lives.

While Obama has always addressed such acts of violence with visible grief and resolve, his frustration over insufficient gun control measures becomes increasingly clear and outspoken as he walks up to the podium time and time again. Watch moments from all seven years of his addresses, via Business Insider, below. Jeva Lange