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Lindsey Graham's one-liners stole the show during the Republican undercard debate

A feisty Sen. Lindsey Graham came to the Republican undercard debate Tuesday ready to go with several quips, including a dig at Sen. Ted Cruz's love of The Princess Bride and a plea to Donald Trump to just stop talking.

"Mr. Trump, you don't have to speak about everything," Graham said after being asked yet another question from the moderators about a statement made by the Republican frontrunner. "It's not required." Graham also said Trump was wrong to say Muslims should be banned from entering the United States. "[The Islamic State] would be dancing in the streets, they just don't believe in dancing," he said.

Graham also announced he missed George W. Bush, and wished he was "president right now" so "we wouldn't be in this mess." He declared that "sequestration is Latin for 'doing really dumb things,'" and when asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin, said he wasn't "afraid of a guy riding around on a horse without a shirt." With Cruz, Graham hit close to home, bringing up his favorite flick. "To my good friend Ted Cruz, please ask him the following question," he said. "You say you would keep [Bashar al-] Assad in power. That is the worst possible thing that could come out of an American leader's mouth. It would be disastrous. His favorite movie is apparently Princess Bride. Ted, getting in bed with Iran and Russia, to save Assad, is inconceivable. Princess Buttercup would not like this." Shots fired.