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Hamburger Helper just dropped a mixtape for April Fools' day — and it's actually good

Sure, Kanye's The Life of Pablo hit a whole slew of streaming services today. But what if you're looking to listen to music that's more underground — and perhaps, about ground beef?

Hamburger Helper (yes, that Hamburger Helper) is here to help with its very own Watch the Stove mixtape, which dropped Friday in honor of April Fools' Day. Yes, there are Auto-Tune hooks about how "Hamburger Helper is all that I eat / If you don't serve it please take a seat." Yes, there's a smooth R&B number called "In Love with the Glove." But corniness aside, the mixtape actually is pretty impressively produced, and catchy as hell. So perhaps the joke's on us.

Listen below. Samantha Rollins