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Clinton v Sanders

Samantha Bee tells Bernie fans to dial down the loathing. Then she has a pointed reminder for Team Hillary.

Samantha Bee was not impressed with the Bernie Sanders campaign turning to superdelegates as their last best hope to wrest the Democratic nomination away from Hillary Clinton, she said on Monday's Full Frontal. "Of course, Bernie Sanders has every right to stay in the race," she added. "Californians deserve the chance to go to a school gym and wrestle with antiquated voting equipment as much as New Yorkers."

"But Bernie supporters, can we try dialing the rhetoric down to 'mild loathing'?" Bee said. "I get it, your candidate's down, it sucks, but let's not demonize anyone." After some footage of Sanders fans saying they won't vote for Clinton, and worse, Bee said she'd like to take some of the whinier Bernie Bros to Damascus to show them what a real revolution looks like. "Am I right, Hillary supporters?" she asked, quickly adding: "No, shut up Hillary supporters. Let's not forget how the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit behaved back in '08, when they didn't like Obama's delegate lead." Roll the lowlight reel.

This year, Bee said, Clinton is reminding Democrats that there is more that unites the party than divides it, and she's right: "namely, throwing a tantrum when they don't get their way." Watch Bee's history lesson below, but be warned: There is some NSFW language. Peter Weber