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Republican National Convention

Michael Flynn at the RNC: 'War is not about bathrooms'

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a top adviser to Donald Trump on national security, railed against "radical Islamists and failed tyrants" during his speech on night one of the Republican National Convention.

Alluding to the controversy over transgender people using public bathrooms, Flynn said that "war isn't about political correctness" and "war is not about bathrooms," and because of President Obama, "the world has lost faith in American leadership and the threats are mounting." The United States does "not need a weak, spineless president more worried about issuing apologies than protecting Americans," he continued, and later, Flynn clapped along with the crowd calling for Hillary Clinton to be put in jail. Unfortunately for Flynn, he took to the stage after Melania Trump, and members of the audience could be seen streaming out of the room as he spoke.