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Late Night tackles the Republican National Convention

Stephen Colbert wryly recaps opening night of the Republican National Convention

Stephen Colbert's Late Show was broadcast live right after the prime-time portion of Monday's Republican National Convention, and his joke writers worked fast. In his monologue, Colbert gave a late-night comedy recap of Night 1, starting with Donald Trump's dramatic entrance to a famous Queen anthem. "Yes, we are the champions of the world, and we are going to restore conservative American values by entering to the music of a bisexual Englishman," Colbert said. "This is crazy. You may not know this, but you're not supposed to see the candidate before the nomination, let alone on the first night. That's like the bride not only being seen on her wedding day, but jumping out of the cake at the bachelor party."

Watch below to hear more about the RNC's first night, including the curiously timed walkout of the Colorado delegation, Rudy Giuliani's promise about Trump and New York, and his (pre-plagiarism drama) reaction to the just-concluded speech from "noted security expert" Melania Trump. There's also a possibly NSFW graphic about the Donald Trump-Mike Pence campaign logo. Watch below. Peter Weber